Minh Viet Logistics is proud to be one of the most reputable enterprise in the field of warehousing and storage services. Whenever you are looking for a store or a warehouse with a large or small area, Minh Viet Logistics always has the right solutions for you. With customers want to build warehouses according to their own business model, Minh Viet Logistics is willing to design and build warehouses according to customers’ requirements

The warehouse system of Minh Viet Logistics is built at convenient locations for transportation, high warehouse, airy & standard, easy for containers come in-out, convenient for delivery and transshipment of goods.

Main services:

  1. Leasing a closed warehouse with the import and export management: an area of ​​1000m2 or more in Hanoi and surrounding areas (upon customer’s request)
  2. Managing import and export of goods in stock: professional storekeepers, tallying and classifying goods
  3. Warehouse management by software, barcode (upon request)
  4. Loading and unloading and protecting goods in stock
  5. Distributing goods according to orders
  6. Customs clearance for imported goods and shipping containers from port to warehouse
  7. Arrange and unload goods in containers
  8. Attached services such as packaging, labeling


With a simple and professional import and export management process, storing your goods and renting space at Minh Viet Logistics will be extremely simple and convenient. We offer many different storage sizes, so whether you want to store more or less goods, we have the right storage space for you. You can store your goods in short or long term depending on your needs with an economical cost.

Step 1. Processing importing goods (Inbound)

Receiving and importing goods into stock

– Receiving information of goods in stock with customers / shipping units (time, type of goods, quantity, ..)

– Carrying out loading and unloading and loading and unloading (containers, trucks, retail goods, …)

– Check the quantity (excess, lack) and quality of goods (distorted, broken, broken, ..) and confirm with customers.

– Making administrative papers and procedures for importing goods.

Step 2. Processing in warehouse (Internal Processing)

  1. Arranging goods into storage

– Determining the product

– Determining the appropriate storage location

– Carring out shipment to storage location

– Updating commodity data.

  1. Preparing for export orders

– Receiving information required to export goods from customers (time, goods, quantity, …)

– Taking goods, packing, labeling, …

Step 3. Processing export goods (Outbound)

Exporting and delivering out of stock

– Confirming shipping time

– Loading up the car

– Making export procedures

– Updating commodity data


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