Road Transport

Road transport is an integral part of other logistics service delivery lines. Minh Viet Logistics provides scheduled transportation services, whole and full freight.

We set up a professional and dynamic transport team on all routes. Providing flexible transport solutions with flexible plans to achieve maximum efficiency.

Road transport services include:

* Unloading and ordering.

* Freight forwarding package.

* Transportation of super-sized, super-weight, bulk and special goods.

* Transporting household appliances and personal property.

* Transit goods.

* Transporting temporarily imported goods for re-export and temporarily exported for re-import.

* Warehousing and distribution of goods

Prestige in providing freight services with reasonable freight rates. Due to the demand for many goods transportation, Minh Viet Logistics offers inland transport services, freight transport with the fastest, safest, and most convenient road transport service, reliable and secured road freight service. Service quality standards: “Right quantity, right quality, on time”.

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